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This fortnight's events

Poetry appreciation

LONDON NW3: Keats in Hampstead Guided Walk | 28-Nov-15

Explore locations that inspired Keats, including the Vale of Health, Well Walk and Hampstead Heath.

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2H: Writing the past into the present | 28-Nov-15

We will capture our favourite, cringeworthy and worst memories.

Writing poetry

BIRMINGHAM: Poets' Place | 28-Nov-15

Talk poetry, write poetry, share poetry, eat biscuits.

Poetry readings

LONDON W2: Maitreyabandhu launches Yarn | 28-Nov-15

Maitreyabandhu launches his new collection Yarn at the West London Buddhist Centre, Bayswater.

Poetry readings

LONDON NW3: Keats House Poets Present | 29-Nov-15

Karen McCarthy Woolf and Stephanie Turner

Writing poetry

LONDON NW3: Morning writing workshop | 29-Nov-15

Write & Shine creative writing workshops embrace the inspirational power of the morning.

Poetry readings

LONDON E1: (un)natural: poetry and debate | 30-Nov-15

Poets and experts in language, philosophy and science come together to shed light on the concept of naturalness.

Poetry readings

ST ALBANS: Poetry/Songs of the Middle East | 01-Dec-15

Poetry and Songs of the Middle East with Ruth Padel reading from Learning to Make an Oud in Nazareth.

Poetry readings

LONDON EC1: Rhymes for all times | 01-Dec-15

Book launch for Alexander Velky's Has Doubts Volume Two: Rhymes for all times.

Poetry readings

LONDON NW3: Forgive the Language | 02-Dec-15

Happiness, typewriters and the ethics of plagiarism are just three of the subjects under the spotlight...

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