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This fortnight's events

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2: What does the poem want? | 03-Aug-15 until 06-Aug-15

Write fast and edit fast in this poem-blitzing workshop.

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POETRY LIBRARY: The View from Salzburg | 05-Aug-15

Poetry Salzburg has committed to publishing contemporary poetry in English, from poets all over the world.

Poetry readings

LONDON SW19: Louder than Liberty | 05-Aug-15

A night of radical poetry, comedy and music at a delightul riverside venue

Poetry readings

EDINBURGH: Dan Simpson - Nerdsmith | 08-Aug-15 until 30-Aug-15

A multi-verse of awesome spoken word. Science and love are quantum-entangled with metaphors that are metaFTW!

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2: Senses in the City | 08-Aug-15

How has London changed? A day packed full of writing.

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2: The Lost City | 08-Aug-15

A poetry workshop on how London and other cities have changed

Poetry readings

LEEDS: Under The Devil's Moon | 08-Aug-15

Poetry collection launch and open mic with Susan Darlington

Poetry readings

READING: The Emma Press Leaving Party | 08-Aug-15

10am-6pm. Pop-up bookshop, children's poetry reading & farewell drinks.

Writing poetry

BIRMINGHAM: Ways into Poetry residential | 10-Aug-15 until 12-Aug-15

Would you like to try your hand at writing poetry? Gain practical tips and experience with poet Christina Dunhill.

Poetry readings

OXFORD: Back Room Poets: GeorgeSzirtes | 15-Aug-15

George Szirtes with Sarah Maitland, Jane Spiro, Merryn Williams & Pat Winslow

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