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This fortnight's events

Poetry readings

LONDON SE19: Beyond Words | 06-Jun-17

Billy Letford & Francesca La Neve; plus open mic.

Writing poetry

EDINBURGH: Ready? Flyte! | 07-Jun-17

Film and write a short creative adaptation of the “Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy” and win £250

Writing poetry

LONDON N10: Creative Writes June Workshops | 07-Jun-17 until 21-Jun-17

Join Creative Writes for Three Workshops!

Poetry readings

LONDON WC2H: Poems Across the Pond | 07-Jun-17

Readings from Carolyn Elizabeth Oxley, Fran Lock & Melissa Lee-Houghton.

Poetry appreciation

LONDON EC1R: Translation Pitch | 08-Jun-17

Discover brand new literature from East and Southeast Asia.

Poetry readings

LONDON E1: Land of Scoundrels | 09-Jun-17 until 11-Jun-17

A night of poetry and theatre marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

Poetry appreciation

LONDON N1: Poetry & Lyrics Festival 2017 | 09-Jun-17 until 10-Jun-17

Discover something new across 2 days and 4 stages celebrating the inexorable relationship between Poetry & Lyrics.

Poetry readings

LONDON WC1: Poetry with the Hornets | 09-Jun-17

Join us upstairs at Betsey Trotwood to hear the latest poetry from the Hornet Press collective, a group of women poets.

Poetry appreciation

LONDON W9: Poetry&Psychoanalysis conference | 09-Jun-17 until 10-Jun-17

Conference opens with a lecture & readings. Saturday: lectures/readings/panel discussions.

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