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Poetry appreciation

Poetry appreciation

LONDON NW3: How (Not) To Be a Critic | 28-Jun-16

Poet Ian Duhig, the critic Jeremy Noel-Tod and Spoken Word educator Peter Kahn discuss what makes good poetry criticism.

Poetry appreciation

LONDON EC1: Home Is | 29-Jun-16

a multimedia, cross arts poetry project exploring the concept of 'home'

Poetry appreciation


KUBLA KHAN WALK including a few stops for short readings about the poem, sources, people and places

Poetry appreciation

LONDON NW3: A Joy Forever | 03-Jul-16

Poets Julia Bird and Mike Sims explore the role of Keats's friends in preserving his legacy.


SOUTHBANK CENTRE: How Poetry Shapes Power - From Neruda to Tahrir Square | 03-Jul-16

Explore the role poetry has played in world history with poet Anthony Anaxagorou.


THE POETRY LIBRARY BOOK CLUB - Citizen: An American Lyric | 04-Jul-16

Explore Citizen: An American Lyric on Independence Day.

Poetry appreciation

TWICKENHAM: Alexander Pope | 04-Jul-16

Alexander Pope: A Search For Perfection by award winning professional Storyteller, Giles Abbott

Poetry appreciation

LONDON WC1: TS Eliot Summer School | 09-Jul-16 until 17-Jul-16

A week-long programme of lectures, seminars, readings, and trips related to the life and work of T.S. Eliot.

The Homeless Library

THE POETRY LIBRARY: The Homeless Library Opening Event | 09-Jul-16

Celebrate the launch of The Homeless Library and participate in a poetry and book-making workshop

Poetry appreciation

BROMLEY: Shortlands Poetry Circle | 12-Jul-16

Poetry Appreciation group meeting to share published poems at the Ripley Arts Centre, Bromley, twice monthly (Tuesdays).

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