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Poetry appreciation

Poetry appreciation

LONDON NW3: Keats House by Candlelight | 15-Dec-16

A special evening tour of Keats House by candlelight.

Poetry appreciation

LONDON NW3: Keats in the City Guided Walk | 31-Dec-16

Follow in the footsteps of John Keats, the radical medical student, through central London.

Poetry appreciation

LONDON SE1: Shakespeare in London guided walk | 01-Jan-17

Actor Lance Pierson celebrates the Bard's 400th anniversary with a guided tour of the London he knew.


THE POETRY LIBRARY: Larkinworld Opening Event | 31-Jan-17

Explore the alternative world of Philip Larkin's poetry.

Poetry appreciation

BARNSLEY: An Evening with Simon Armitage. | 09-Feb-17

Award-winning write, lyricist and broadcaster Simon Armitage joins John Kelly to talk about life as a 21st century poet.

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