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OXFORD: International poetry symposium

Date: Wednesday 28 June, 2017
Time: 9:30 AM
Price: £10/£7.50
Venue address:
Oxford Brookes University, John Henry Brookes Building, Oxford OX3 0BP

Publicity material for this event says:

‘moments/that stretch horizons’: an international poetry symposium for practitioners

By focussing on one urgent theme in writing and two ongoing concerns with poetic form and production, this one-day symposium will take the temperature of poetry now. Practitioners (by which we mean poets and/or critics) will be brought into dialogue with each other in order to address these themes and concerns by reflecting on their own practices, as well as those of others. As the symposium’s title indicates in its quote from John Kinsella’s poem ‘Elegy for Mr Jack Sumner’, crucial to the event is its outward-looking, international dimension, as it will feature on its panels practitioners from Australia as well as those who are UK-based.

We will explore one theme current in contemporary writing, poetry about the environment, and two concerns of poetics: prose poetry and the lyric and poetry and publishing. Each panel set up to discuss these issues will be composed of a mixture of UK-based academics and writers and academics/poets from the International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI). Each panelist will give a short (five-minute) position paper on the topic, which may include some of their poetry, and then the floor will be opened up for discussion.

Dr Niall Munro,

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