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Pass on a Poem

National; Events every two months - check website or subscribe to newsletter for details. More venues outside London being planned particularly in Oxfam bookshops.

The publicity material for this event says:

"The aim : PASS ON A POEM, a not-for-profit initiative,  exists to provide entertainment and to create enthusiasm for poetry by bringing people together to read out loud poems which have a special personal significance and to explain, briefly, why. Some readings take place in private homes, with group membership being by invitation. Others are organised at regular intervals in public venues, so that anybody who enjoys or who would like to try reading or simply listening to poetry can be included. No previous experience of reading out loud is necessary. Anybody is welcome to submit a poem they would like to share.

readings : pass on a poem readings demonstrate that the process of selection, reading aloud and listening has an electric, exhilarating effect. It opens and reopens people's eyes, ears and hearts to the power of poetry, and to the experiences, feelings and thoughts of others. A remarkable range of subject matter, and of style, form, length and date of composition emerges from the poems chosen. People of all backgrounds and ages take part in the public events. The idea is that small- scale poetry reading should become a familiar and exciting feature of local culture all over the country, taking place in public venues, schools and offices, and also in people's own homes. A further commitment is to make available a ready supply of volunteer readers to perform free of charge in residential homes, hospitals, prisons and other centres where live poetry could make a social or therapeutic contribution. While occasional celebrity readings are arranged in order to raise its profile locally, the heart and substance of the project is the establishment of regular events for ordinary members of the public, at home, away from home or at work.

website : is there to support and to stimulate participation by existing and potential readers and listeners. It provides source material relating to poems, poets and poetry, advice on reading aloud and starting a group, and up to date information on recent and forthcoming events, venues and local groups. The development of a truly democratic online anthology is one of several exciting search features. The text and details of all poems read at pass on a poem events are posted. Visitors to the site are invited to submit their own suggestions for the pages, and to send in information about their own poetry-related activities, a selection of which can be advertised on the Resources page. Subscribers can also opt to receive a free weekly poem and newsletter.

Contact: Frances Stadlen; 020 7 229 9152, 07884 311787"

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