man with poetry book

Writing poetry

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2H: Writing the past into the present | 28-Nov-15

We will capture our favourite, cringeworthy and worst memories.

Writing poetry

BIRMINGHAM: Poets' Place | 28-Nov-15

Talk poetry, write poetry, share poetry, eat biscuits.

Writing poetry

LONDON NW3: Morning writing workshop | 29-Nov-15

Write & Shine creative writing workshops embrace the inspirational power of the morning.

Poetry readings


Talk poetry, write poetry, share poetry, eat biscuits...

Writing poetry

LONDON NW3: Keats House Poets Workshop | 13-Dec-15

Shake off the chill in your bones and welcome in December with this seasonally-inspired poetry workshop.


LONDON WC2B: Paths through poetry | 11-Jan-16 until 14-Mar-16

An intermediate course that explores craft and content through reading, writing exercises and constructive feedback.

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2B: New Narrative Poetry | 12-Jan-16 until 15-Mar-16

Create new poems which explore lyric, narrative and dramatic forms.

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2B: Ways into poetry | 14-Jan-16 until 17-Mar-16

For writers who are new to poetry writing, an opportunity to experiment with language and a variety of poetic devices.

Writing poetry

LONDON WC2B: Poetry in the making | 30-Jan-16 until 16-Mar-16

Advanced course. Learn how poems work - meaning, form, sound, imagery - with detailed feedback and technical advice.

Writing poetry

LONDON NW3: Bring out Your Inner Animal | 28-Feb-16

Workshop with Dean Atta and Deanna Rodger

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