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LONDON E1: The Writers' Lab

LONDON E1: The Writers' Lab

Mondays 7-9pm
Venue: Brick Lane Bookshop, Brick Lane, London, E1
Cost: Sessions cost £8

The Writers' Lab

Publicity material for this event says: 
This workshop is for writers who are serious about developing their craft and testing new work in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. The group meets two to three weeks per month (always on the same day). At each meeting, attendees speak about and read from their work, prompting a guided discussion among the group. Regular attendance has the additional benefit of hearing many different styles and forms of material, and the variety of ways in which technical problems can be approached and overcome.
Led by an experienced feedback facilitator, The Writers' Lab is one of the safest places to try new things with your writing, and find out how others see your work. Often, you'll discover new ways to move forward, too.

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