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LONDON WC1R: Poetry Masterclasses @ the PBF

Date: Saturday 30 September, 2017
Time: 11:30 AM
Price: £35
Venue address:
25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Publicity material for this event says:

Poetry Masterclasses will be run by Michael Schmidt (founder and editorial and managing director of Carcanet Press Limited) and Vahni Capildeo (winner the Forward Prize for Best Collection in 2016 for her book Measures of Expatriation).

Michael Schmidt's workshop:

C.H. Sisson called translation “fishing in other men’s waters”. He translated from languages he knew. Contemporary poets often work from languages they hardly know, drawn by what they imagine a poem has to offer, the doors it might open. How do we get into poetry we cannot access on a primary level? What authority can such translations have? Michael Schmidt has translated ‘from the Aztec’ with only basic intuitions of Nahuatl; he wrote a tome on classical Greek poetry with hardly even rudimentary Greek, and is currently writing about the Gilgamesh Epic, most translated of ancient poems, translated by writers without knowledge of the original. What benefit do poets get from such oblique imaginings? We’ll work on creating our own oblique translations, taking the ‘original’ for a ride to see where we end up.

Vahni Capildeo's workshop:

The idea of ‘voice’ in poetry raises vexed and exciting questions. Today, poets may be watchful about
developing, or betraying, their ‘identity’; reckless, or on guard against, ‘appropriating others’. However, something in any writer remains on watch; listening at the sentinel’s post; vulnerable, if not open, to familiar and strange visitants. This session lets you off being on guard, or having to declare yourself. In this workshop, you will be encouraged to find other voices within yourself. You will experiment with creating personæ who ask questions about some ‘other’ character. About someone whose responses are unpredictable; someone on your conscience, in your dreams – or nightmares. We shall work together on identifying your desired or feared, unknown or unknowable, subject.


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