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LONDON SE11: Powers of Syntax with Phillis Levin

Date: Saturday 24 March, 2018
Time: 10:30 AM
Price: £72.00 (concessions available)
Venue address:
The Poetry School, 81 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6DX

Publicity material for this event says:

This workshop focuses on different types of sentence structure, generating – and stretching across – lines, stanzas, and fully realized poems. Syntax, the arrangement of words forming a sentence, is inseparable from what those words convey in correspondence with each other. Since a poem’s primary unit is the line, composing a poem elicits creative tension between lineation and sentence rhythm: this dynamic amplifies the forces the syntax has set in motion. In addition to fundamental sentence patterns, we will explore the fragment, if/then constructions, parallelism, and the rhetorical technique anaphora. Through several in-class writing exercises, we will experiment with the shape-shifting powers of syntax. A packet of touchstone poems (circulated in advance) will highlight syntactical strategies that offer us ways to subvert linearity, suspend time, increase expectation and surprise, and re-orient the reader’s experience.

One all-day workshop on Saturday 24 March 10:30am – 4:30pm.

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