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LONDON E1: Writers' Mutual

LONDON E1: Writers' Mutual

Tuesdays 7-9pm
Venue: Brick Lane Bookshop, Brick Lane, London, E1
Cost: Sessions cost £9

Writers' Mutual

Publicity material for this event says: 

This workshop has been a fixture in the lives of writers from all over London ever since the first meeting in 2007. Writers' Mutual: Brick Lane is for experienced writers - not necessarily professional, but with a demonstrable track record of literary creation. At each meeting, several writers present work they are currently developing outside of the group, in order to receive detailed criticism and opinion from the other group members, in a supportive environment. Whilst it is not mandatory to attend every session, writers will benefit most from fuller attendance, in order to both give and receive feedback.
This is very much for writers wishing to pursue publication.  Building on the Brick Lane Book Shop's strong track record of support for emerging writers, the group has published an anthology, sold via the bookshop and Amazon, etcetera.

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