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Certificates of Readership by Sara MacKillop | 27-Apr-10 to 15-Aug-10

Sara MacKillop
Certificates of Readership
Saison Poetry Library,
Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre
27 April - 15 August 2010
Tuesdays-Sundays 11am-8pm

Douglas Dunn certificate

For this exhibition, a collaboration between the Hayward Gallery and the Saison Poetry Library, artist Sara MacKillop has designed twelve 'certificates' for works especially selected from the Library. MacKillop draws upon the library branding to make 12 unique graphs charting the borrowing lives of the publications up to now. By highlighting the gradual build-up of visual markers that occurs in the lending process, MacKillop accentuates the silent scoring that becomes etched into every book - new narratives that discreetly appreciate over time, bearing the trace of readership and administration. In so doing, the particular economy of exchange that exists in the library is brought to the fore: an economy of the gift.

As well as the framed copies of the certificates on the walls, editions have been sent to the poets in question, and a limited number are available to borrowers of the books.  The gesture not only invites visitors to search amidst the shelves for the publications themselves but also engages both poet and reader in the rippling that comes once a work is in circulation.

Richard Parry
Assistant Curator, Hayward Gallery

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