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National Poetry Library Open Day | 15-Oct-17

Sunday 15 October
St Paul's Roof Pavilion

'Poetry is a universal language in which we can all hope to meet'.

This year's National Poetry Library Open Day takes inspiration from this phrase, which Ted Hughes said at the launch of the Poetry International festival in 1967.

Can poetry be a universal language? Can poems unite people across borders? Is the hope that Hughes had in poetry as a political force as valid today as it was 50 years ago?

Come along to explore themed displays which explore these questions. Find out about the relationship between sustainability and poetry, eco poetry and poetry that uses signs and code instead of words. There is a focus on other festivals and movements in poetry from 1967, including the Brighton Poetry Festival.

As the world's languages disappear at the rate of one every two weeks, the National Poetry Library presents poets writing in endangered languages at the heart of these displays. There is also archival material from previous Poetry International festivals, including an audio recording of Allen Ginsberg and Basil Bunting reading as part of the 1973 festival at Southbank Centre.

Join us in the library at 8pm to hear commissioned poets Victoria Adukwei Bulley and Hannah Silva respond to the displays and themes of A Universal Lanuage

Work: Egidija Ciricaite, MUG CUP KNIFE LADLE (2016)
Image: Harpreet Kalsi

This event is part of Poetry International and London Literature Festival at Southbank Centre

Images below taken by Harpreet Kalsi www.thatthingyoupluck.com

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