Past exhibitions

Poetry Blackboard

Global Love Poem | 18-Jul-14

An exhibition of live writing.


Poetry in Collaboration | 06-May-14

This exhibition explores the world of poetry in collaboration and is co-curated by SJ Fowler and Poetry Librarian Chris McCabe.

Ntiense Hera Master Come Down

Hera Master Come Down | 04-Mar-14

First solo exhibition by Ntiense Eno Amooquaye

Only Reference

Only Reference | 14-Jan-14

Patrick Coyle presents material from his ongoing project ONLY REFERENCE. The title is a reversal of the term applied to the Saison Poetry Library's collection, and refers to Coyle's production of an 'expanded reference manual' for the library.

open day 2013 thumbnail

Poetry Library Open Day 2013 | Poetry in Performance | 17-Nov-13

The fifth annual Poetry Library Open Day.

Cerith thumb

Cerith Wyn Evans: With the Advent of Radio Astronomy ... | 01-Oct-13

Part of the Poetry Library's 60th birthday.

Hackney Harpoon thumb

Hackney Harpoon | 19-Jul-13

An exhibition by Iain Sinclair and Oona Grimes


Florilegium | 22-May-13

Exhibition by Amy Shelton

Visual Poetics Thumbnail

Liliane Lijn - Poem Game | 20-Mar-13

In 1970 Lijn created a deck of 54 word cards and invented three games to play with them - a game of power, a game of poetry and a game of divination.

Visual Poetics Thumbnail

Visual Poetics - Readings | 20-Mar-13

Readings for the exhibition.

Visual Poetics Thumbnail

Visual Poetics | 12-Feb-13

This exhibition, curated by David Miller and Chris McCabe, focuses on the ways in which poetry has moved into a visual dimension in work by recent UK and UK-based practitioners.

Formerly thumbnail

Formerly: An Exhibition of Disappearing London | 11-Dec-12

Poems by Tamar Yoseloff - Photographs by Vici Macdonald

open day 2012 thumbnail

Poetry Library Open Day 2012| Poetic Censorship | 18-Nov-12

The fourth annual Poetry Library Open Day focused on the poetic controversies of the past century


Printed in Norfolk - Coracle Publications 1989-2012 | 01-Nov-12

Printed in Norfolk is organized by RGAP and Helen Mitchel

mary kuper thumbnail

BARNACLES & DAMES - Mary Kuper | 18-Sep-12

An exhibition of etymologies, poetry and images celebrating 100 years of books in the Saison Poetry Library.

World Record

The World Record - David Kelly | 03-Jul-12

Two artists present photography and video on the events of Poetry Parnassus at Southbank Centre.

World Record

The World Record - Alexander Kell | 03-Jul-12

Two artists present photography and video on the events of Poetry Parnassus at Southbank Centre.

World Record

The World Record | 03-Jul-12

A handwritten collection of poems produced by poets at Poetry Parnassus, and an autographed desk they wrote them at.

unknown words thumbnail

Poetry of Unknown Words | 09-Mar-12

See five double-sided prints (shown recto and verso) in response to work by Gertrude Stein, HD, Mary Wollstonecraft, Emmy Hennings and Valerie Solanas.


Poetry Library Open Day 2011 | 13-Nov-11

An opportunity for visitors to delve into the Poetry Library's unique and ever expanding collection. Several themes ranging from 'Poetical Histories' to 'Ciphers of the Zeitgeist' were explored. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with poets from around the world or rediscover old favorites.

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