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Alex Knell | 31-Aug-11

Taking on Literature's most challenging theme, Knell expands on the intimate language of love, rendering a distinction between the private and the universal. The library's visitors are invited to take a leap of trust and submit their love letters and emails for Knell to develop into stand alone text pieces. The artist's intervention in the form of hidden messages interleaved between pages of the library's collection will later be bound into a compendium of open messages of hope, affirmation, joy - "a tonic for the nation",to reflect the ambitions of the first Festival of Britain.

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Dawn Scarfe | 31-Aug-11

A recording of W. H. Auden reading "In Memory of W.B. Yeats" (1939) is repeatedly re-sounded through a tenor viol strung with natural gut. The acoustic, resonant sound of the instrument gradually 'drowns out' Auden's voice during the process of re-recording.

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Martin Sexton | 31-Aug-11

Poet, writer and multimedia artist, Martin Sexton brings his ongoing series of futiques to the library; collectible works of the future, works that are seemingly written in the past, witnessed and read in the present, yet reveal objects from or portents of the future. The artist's video installations disrupt any sense of chronology, existing in a collision of mythology and reality, rendering borders between the two irrelevant.

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Katherine Jones | 03-Aug-11

Katherine Jones' collagraph prints focus on Britain's coastal erosion and are exhibited alongside an artist's book made in collaboration with the award winning poet Retta Bowen. A continuum of Jones' ghostlike, mid-air motifs, the artistÕs book as a suspended mobile, challenges conventional form through its kinetic structure and references Lynn Chadwick's Fisheater, commissioned for the Festival of Britain in 1951.

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GOTO10 | 03-Aug-11

GOTO10 exploits Wi-fi signals and combines them with the library's database to create original digital verse. With a simple hack to a wireless router, the international digital arts collective GOTO10 present the unsuspecting passer-by with anything from a playful cut and paste collage to creative propaganda. Drawing comparisons with SMS and Twitter poetry such as 'twaiku', messages are transmitted from the library, feeding poetry to public spaces around the Southbank Centre. GOTO10's public intervention is kindly supported by SPACE.

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Alexandre Bettler | 06-Jul-11

Swiss artist Alexandre Bettler's unorthodox approach to graphic design advocates social interaction as a catalyst of creativity. The photocopier, an office automaton, is transformed into a poetry machine, loaded with pre-printed text from State of the Nation, a central theme of this year's London Literature Festival. Participants are invited to add their musings of 'random poetry' to be collated as an artists's book edition. Artist's Book Workshop: The Poetry Machine Saturday 9 July & Sunday 10 July, 2-4.30pm Bookings: info@poetrylibrary.org.uk Join Alexandre Bettler on The Poetry Machine's production line, to extrapolate an edition of hand bound books. Suitable for all ages.

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Oona Grimes | 06-Jul-11

Following Grimes' recent collaborations with Iain Sinclair and Fabian Peake, the Southbank Centre's Festival of Britain celebrations gives the artist an opportunity to plunder our national archives. Like a demented Carroll or Lear on speed, Grimes deconstructs poems to appropriate words and phrases, disregarding their original and specific usage. As a result the collision and slippage of words, liberated from reason, manifest themselves as playful bricolage discarded throughout the library. Artists' Book Workshop: Postcard Cut-outs Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 July, 2 - 4.30pm Bookings: info@poetrylibrary.org.uk Join Alex Czincel and Oona Grimes to creatively engage with cut-up found material and concrete poetry postcards. Suitable for children.

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Alex Czinczel | 06-Jul-11

Following Bob Cobbing's cut-up instructions, German book artist Alex Czinczel's stop-frame animation re-enacts The Young Hedgehog (1956). Taking clippings from The Observer, Czinczel re-contextualises Cobbing's poetry in relation to current affairs and highlights the library?s collection of his books, magazines and sound recordings to a new audience. Artists' Book Workshop: Postcard Cut-outs 23 Saturday & 24 Sunday July, 2 - 4.30pm Bookings: info@poetrylibrary.org.uk Join Alex Czinczel and Oona Grimes to creatively engage with cut-up found material and concrete poetry postcards. Suitable for children.

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Meghana Bisineer | 01-Jun-11

Indian artist Meghana Bisineer is resident artist at the library. Her site specific drawing and animation is a constant negotiation between the urban space and its borders. Taking inspiration from the poetry collection, she will apply her unique methodology of drawing directly onto large scale windows, using the Southbank cityscape as her canvas, to develop a time-lapse animation over the duration of the exhibition.

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Godfried Donkor | 01-Jun-11

Godfried Donkor's collages fuse historical motifs with contemporary black iconography. Born in Ghana and working internationally, he mixes styles and imagery from conflicting sides of the political and cultural divides, emphasising their creolisation as a creative force. Donkor's collaboration with poet Nii Parkes engages the viewer in an open dialogue, formulating a reciprocal narrative between image and text.

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Art on Poetry | 20-Apr-11

A dedicated season of artists' books curated by KALEID editions. Twelve internationally acclaimed artists engage with the Saison Poetry Library's collection in a diverse programme of exhibitions, interventions, residencies and participatory events.

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Antonio Claudio Carvalho | 20-Apr-11

Brazilian artist Antonio Claudio Carvalho's work references cultural icons as a deliberate homage and personal vision of modern culture. His large painting, L. Ferlinghetti's pictures of a gone world is an ode to the past; a Chinese worker salutes Allen Ginsberg's Howl, alongside Carvalho's favourite books from the City Lights Pocket Poets Series.

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Hellicar & Lewis | 20-Apr-11

Peter Hellicar and Joel Gethin Lewis, a duo of installation artists, combine innovative open source software with a three dimensional interactive experience. Edwin Morgan's illuminated poems traverse across the library's bookshelves and congregate amongst a collection of poetry that reflects on nuclear proliferation, inhabiting the empty space between the reader and the library's archive.

Open Day 2010

Poetry Library Open Day 2010 | 13-Nov-10

Engage with the underworld of nearly a century of poetry in this display of pamphlets, artists' books, films and magazines from the Poetry Library's collections.

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Fabric of War | 05-Oct-10

An exhibition of work by twenty Palestinian and Israeli women bereaved by conflict, held in collaboration with the Courtauld Institute.

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Martin Creed | 16-Aug-10

Three works by Turner Prize winner Martin Creed.

Douglas Dunn

Certificates of Readership by Sara MacKillop | 27-Apr-10

For this exhibition, a collaboration between the Hayward Gallery and the Saison Poetry Library, artist Sara MacKillop has designed twelve 'certificates' for works especially selected from the Library.

Open Day 2009 1

Poetry Library Open Day 2009 | 15-Nov-09

From the first drafts of Joyce's Finnegan's Wake in the magazine 'Transition' (1927) and the beginnings of Philip Larkin's and Simon Armitage's careers in pamphlet form, The Poetry Library collection includes the whole range of poetry publications since 1912. The Library invites you to an open display of posters, pamphlets, artists' books, postcards and magazines from its various collections. With items from early modernism through to the Beat and Concrete movements, take this chance to engage with the underworld of nearly a century of poetry, including works on display from TS Eliot, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Robert Creeley and Sarah Lucas.

Beauty and the Brain

Beauty and the Brain | 05-Aug-09

A series of photographic images by young people at Lambeth Academy made in collaboration with Dr Lizzie Burns and Carl Stevenson.

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