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The World Record - Alexander Kell | 03-Jul-12 to 09-Sep-12

During the Southbank Centre's epic Poetry Parnassus in June this year each of the visiting poets from around the world handwrote a poem on handmade paper to create a one-off edition for the Poetry Library collection called The World Record.

If you missed this mass arrival of world poets in June then here's a second chance to experience the festival. Read the poems that the poets handwrote and watch videos of the poets performing.

There is also a video of the incredible sight of the Rain of Poems in which poems by all of the poets were dropped from a helicopter over London's Jubilee Gardens.

The poets have also been photographed by Alexander Kell. Kell says:

"In the same way that the format of photography influences the photography itself, so I believe the environment the photographer finds himself in, influences the image. I was drawn to shooting poets in the environment of the Poetry Parnassus precisely because my practice is about the imperfections of film and the contingency of the development process, and I knew, in this context, I would be able to find moments of intimacy and idiosyncrasy and realism that suited perfectly my way of shooting and my format of choice. The Parnassus, on the inside, experienced from the point of view of the poets, is what interested me - a week of conversation, of interaction, as private and as strange, as it was cultural and poetic."

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