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BARNACLES & DAMES - Mary Kuper | 18-Sep-12 to 26-Oct-12

"Poetry is a dame with a huge pedigree, and every word comes practically barnacled with allusions and associations." 

 - Joseph Brodsky

Invited to make an exhibition of illustrations in celebration of the collection, I have taken Joseph Brodsky's quotation as a starting point. His few words resonate with other words - earlier meanings, shades of meaning, 'associations and allusions' - to inform these poems and etymologies.

I have followed the words: poetry, dame, pedigree, barnacle and allusion back to their origins and sideways into the stories they tell and that are told about them, then into the Poetry Library itself.

Picking up these words in poems by Fleur Adcock, Simon Armitage, Anthony Barnett, James Joyce, Bob Kaufmann, Paul Muldoon, Ruth Padel, Peter Scupham and Anne Stevenson, the illustrations suggest the play - conscious or unconscious - between the words poets use and the meanings buried in their forgotten roots and histories.

 - Mary Kuper

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