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Poetry Library Open Day 2012| Poetic Censorship | 18-Nov-12

The fourth annual Poetry Library Open Day focused on the poetic controversies of the past century: from the abstract approach of the Imagists and the salacious underground poems of WH Auden, to Osip Mandelstam's critique of Stalin's moustache and the 'Ern Malley affair' in Australia.

There was an exploration of the New Narrative movement which grew from the experiments of the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets of the 1970s and flourishes in the poetic nether regions of gossip, pornography, Marxist theory and gay/ feminist/ punk sub cultures.

Other displays included those on DIY poetry zine-making when publishers use a simple page of A4 for their publications, and poets such as J.H. Prynne and Rosemary Tonks who have either self-censored or abandoned their own work. 

We found out about the Henningham Family Press, who have created a special typeface as an elegy for the First World War.

There was also a display of the unusual items that have been collected in the library over the past year. 

Photos: Jack Goffe Photography 

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