Past exhibitions

Florilegium | 22-May-13 to 14-Jul-13


an exhibition by Amy Shelton

Florilegium is a series of lightbox panels illuminating the melliferous (honey yielding) wild and cultivated flowers and trees vital for honeybees to sustain their colonies.

This is the first of four Florilegium panels, and maps the major floral sources of nectar and pollen-rich flowers that appear earliest in the year from February-April. The pressed samples are arranged in order of their flowering times - a story map of sorts - tracing the subtle choreography of the plant-pollinator relationship.

Together the panels will read as a slowed down metronome of the seasonal rhythms, tracking the cadence of forage from the flourishing crescendo of early spring and the summer months, ebbing towards the quieter overture of autumn and winter.

Melissographia is a limited edition artists' book, part of the long-standing collaboration between John Burnside and Amy Shelton.

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