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Global Love Poem | 18-Jul-14 to 31-Aug-14

During Poetry International (18th - 21st July), the Poetry Library's exhibition space was turned into a giant page.

Visiting poets from all over the world were asked to contribute a line towards a new collaborative sonnet. The poem has grown throughout the festival as lines were added by hand and the poem took its visual form. Watch the poem come together in this short timelapse film: http://youtu.be/vNQ0SB5GwQI

The poets were: Kutti Revathi (Tamil), Nikola Madzirov (Macedonia), Ana Blandiana (Romania), Kayombo Chingonyi (Zambia), Rhys Trimble (Wales), Sujata Bhatt (India / USA / Germany), Sabrina Mahfouz (British / Egyptian), Michael Augustin (Germany), Inua Ellams (Nigeria), Tom Warner (England), Maitreyabandhu (England).

Global Love Poem

The force of our love's union
is like red earth and pouring rain
we are the light of a burnt match
which turns to dust when touched
in the hourglass which can be time only in falling
together after the teeth-knock of newness
in the end only the object itself - love -
always, the aching pull of it -
an unknown creature grasping the soul.
There's a place where my eyes go in those moments
ah, love, that carnivorous flower snapping at me
is a hundred pitchers  of honey
- it falls to you to make it mean,
without cancellation, a day of sun and a day of rain.

Line 1 - 2: Kutti Revathi / Line 3 - 4: Nikola Madzirov / Line 5: Ana Blandiana / 
Line 6: Kayombo Chingonyi / Line 7: Rhys Trimble / Line 8 - 9: Sujata Bhatt /
Line 10: Sabrina Mahfouz / Line 11: Michael Augustin / Line 12: Inua Ellams /
Line 13: Tom Warner / Line 14: Maitreyabandhu

PoetryFilm Blackboard was a participatory text/art project devised by Malgorzata Kitowski. Participants were invited to write or draw on a blackboard using chalk. A photograph was taken of each person's blackboard and a montage film was made showcasing all the blackboard contributions.

PoetryFilm Blackboard was commissioned by the Southbank Centre as part of Poetry International and the Festival of Love on 18, 19, 20 July 2014.

Friday 18 July - Sunday 31 August

Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 8pm

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