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CLPE poetry award

Each year poetry for children is celebrated by the CLPE Poetry Award. Poetry books published in the previous year are considered for the award. This year, students at Johanna Primary School and Walnut Tree Walk Primary School are working with the poet Adisa to explore some of these books, and create their own poetry. Here's what they have to say...

We recorded our workshops with Adisa, our interviews with Tony Mitton, and our poems. We also interviewed Michael Rosen about himself and his poems, and asked Miriam about the Poetry Library. We learned how to use the recording equipment and how to edit the recordings on a computer with Sarah, Julia, Abigail and Sarah from Lambeth CLC. You can listen to the results here.

Title Download Listen
Walnut Tree Walk School Poetry Podcast
including interviews with Adisa and CLPE Poetry Award judge Tony Mitton, and our poetry
mp3 no flash installed
Johanna Primary School Poetry Podcast
including an interview with Adisa and some of our poems
mp3 no flash installed
Michael Rosen on how he feels about being a poet, and centrally heated knickers! mp3 no flash installed
Michael Rosen on which poets he most admires, and his work in schools mp3 no flash installed
Michael Rosen on how he performs and writes his poetry mp3 no flash installed
Miriam talks about working at the Poetry Library and her favourite poem today mp3 no flash installed


Introducing Adisa... 20-Jun-06

Adisa is the poet working with our two schools. If you click here, you'll see a biography and photo of the poet.

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