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Introducing Adisa... | 20-Jun-06

Adisa is the poet working with our two schools. Here's some information about him:

"Adisa was born with a silver tongue and a head full or rhymes.
Adisa exploded onto the spoken word scene in the summer of 1993, his mango flavoured metaphors and his larva-fuelled performances soon became legendary on the London performance poetry circuit. One year after taking is show on the road, Adisa landed first place in a national competition titled, new performance poet of the year. Benjamin Zephaniah who was one of the judges later said, "Adisa is the future it's so good to have something to look forward to". Adisa has delivered his work in many arenas from pub basements (were they still use sawdust on the floor) to Buckingham palace (But the Queen was washing her hair, so she sent Prince Charles instead), from primary schools to day centres for senior citizens.

Adisa is on a mission to take poetry to the people wherever he finds them; he has taken his word from continent to continent. Adisa delivers his work in a format known as Edutainment, he believes a good performance should be able to entertain the audience, but at the same time challenge the audience to look again and question what it is they hold to be true.

His performances are observations of life, through the Eyes of an African Griot born on a European shore; he takes the audience on a journey of reflection wrapped tightly in a blanket of humour. Dumping stereotypes in the trash harder than a NBA basketball star.

Adisa has found great demand for his work within the walls of education, he frequently visits schools throughout Europe, to deliver performances which have been described as a giant pizza with toppings of African wisdom, observational comedy, life skills, and concert like call and response routines.
His workshops are revolutionary, the classroom becomes a cosy theatre and every student is the leading actor, and the director is the voice within.

His work has been published in various poetry anthologies like;

Poems Out Loud selected Brian Moses (Hodder Wayland Books)
Velocity The best of Apples and snakes (Black spring Press)
Moving Voices Black Performance Poetry (Hansib Publications)

Adisa constantly strives to redefine the genre of performance poetry, elevate it to its rightful place on the world stage. His latest offering is called Verbalizm.
Verbalizm is more than just a poem read to a piece of music, as that would be impossible, due to the fact that, poetry is music and music is poetry,
So what we have here is 2 musical disciplines smelted together forging a brand new genre; VERBALIZM.
Adisa is an Ebb & Flow recording artist; Ebb & Flow is a creative label whose vision and dynamism brings new light and direction to the whole media landscape.
The Verbalizer spins tales, set in life's market place to be concluded inside your head.

In the winter of 2004 Adisa was honoured to receive the title of Hackney Poet Laureate

Why Poetry?

My Instrument my Pen,
engraving future footprints
On our children's beach
Dousing flames of fear ignorance, and deceit;
Dunking metaphors of love
Into plain paper baskets
Like wings were attached to my feet

An extract from My Instrument my pen
By Adisa

We entered this world as babies, we cried, that was our first poem,
It was a giant multitasking metaphor full of imagery, colour and texture.

Poetry is pure spirit, invisible to the human eye; our quest is to make spirit tangible. We do this by dressing the spirit in fine cloth called WORDS.
We grow and develop with poetry like brothers and sisters, there are inner arguments that must be aired, and there are outpourings of love that must extinguish the volcano of hate.

We believe poetry can?t be taught, it can only be observed, for it is only when the water is still that we truly see our face. In this moment of inner focus and reflection we get a glimpse of our true potential.
In our workshops we strive to till the soil of the imagination, in order to capture a moment, past, present or future, and make that moment eternal.
A poem has a resonance that shatters the window of limitation, allowing the writer to walk barefoot in the garden of adventure. As we walk our path is illuminated causing a deeper awareness of ones self, and the world in which we live.

The words remain in our heads, but the spirit dwells in our hearts. "

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