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What Adisa has to say about the project so far... | 20-Jun-06

Working at both Walnut tree walk and Johanna Primary school has been a truly magical journey for me, from the very first session the children at both schools have expressed a great love and appreciation for the art form of poetry. We focused on 3 books from the shortlist, The first book was : Why does my mum always iron a crease in my jeans an anthology of poems chosen by Fiona Waters.  The children immediately identified with a lot of the themes and jokes that were expressed in the book. We had a great conversation about the poem: dad don?t dance, this poems deals with a child?s embarrassment of the their father dancing in public places. The children particularly enjoyed this piece as they could all think of things that there parents do that embarrasses them in public. The poem we focused on and used as a springboard for our workshop was the poem that included the title of the book, which was Why by Lindsay MacRae. The students had to think of lots of interesting questions some funny and some serious about things that happen in life that they did not know the answer to, the questions had to begin with WHY! This theme proved very enlightening as the whole class got the chance to question why simple and sometimes bizzare things happen in our day to day existence.

The second book on our hit list was the brilliant Masala, poems from India Bangladesh, Pakistan and Skri Lanka chosen by Debjani Chatterjee.

Yet again the students dived into this book with glee swimming freely in its words of magic. We read many of the poems, the poem that caused the biggest debate was the Unseated by Shripati Upadhyaya, The poem tells the tale of a Indian man who goes to a job interview, and is told his name Suresh is too difficult to pronounce, and is then told from now on he will be known as Jim. The students immediately picked up the blatant racism and disrespect the employer displayed, Another poem which caught the students imagination was the brilliant: The Last mountain, this piece dramatized an old Indian myth, were it was said mountains once had wings, the poem tells of their adventures, and their downfall when the jealous Gods clipped their wings all except one who escaped, and now lives at the bottom of the ocean. It is said when this lonely mountain flaps it?s wings we experience tidal waves. The students had to crate poem starting with the line:

Once we ____________ sported wings

The students came up with many ideas as to what might have wings these ranged from humans to footballs. Some excellent poems were produced.

The Journey continues...

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