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What is the CLPE Poetry Award? | 20-Jun-06

CLPE stands for Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. CLPE is an educational centre that works with schools,  teachers, teaching assistants and parents. They work in the fields of language, literacy and assessment. They hold training days, conferences, family learning days...You can read more about them here.

CLPE started the Poetry Award in 2003 to highlight poetry for children. They considered all the books of children's poetry published that year, and decided to give the award to John Agard and Grace Nichols for their book Under the Moon, Over the Sea. This was a book of Caribbean poetry. Since then, the award has been won twice by Roger McGough. He won the prize in 2004 for a book of his own poems called All the Best, and in 2005 his anthology about the senses, called Sensational! won the prize. This year Roger McGough is one of the judges for the award. You can read more about him here.

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