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Introducing Nicole... | 22-Jun-06

Monday 19th June 06

Hi. My name is Nicole though my freinds call my Nick or Nikki. I love maths thats why it's my favourite subject. I mainly dislike sport especially footie (though I like to watch footie) the most exciting book I've read was 'Danny the champion of the world'. The most recent film I watched was 'Racing Stripes'. I am 10 years of age and I am in year 5 of Walnut Tree Walk Primary School in Lambeth.

I have many friends in my class though my best freinds are Jenny (Jen), Ikran (Ikky) and Tara. I live in a flat in Ethelred estate. I have a 4 year old (28 years in dog age) dog called J.D. or Jack Daniels after the whisky.

by Nicole Lightfoot, aged 10,
Walnut Tree Walk Primary School.

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