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Introducing Tara... | 22-Jun-06

Im not that ceen on poetry or getting dirty, even baths, but when I get in, I don't want to come out.

My nicknames are T.C,  short for Tara Citro, (that's what people call me, but my real name is Tara Daisy). My mum calls me Daisy flower or sister 1, because I was the first sister to be born.

I love watching T.V all the time, but I get cort by dad. (wich is so egnoing, so I scream 'NO'!!!!). My faveourite program is...


my dad loves it aswell, so does my sister does aswell. My mum usly does the washing-up when It's on.

I 'HATE'! reading, I apsolutly do! My favourite book Ive read is ever: BFG or Jams and the giant peech!

by Tara Daisy
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