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Introducing Alana... | 22-Jun-06


I think I'm quet good at the poem stuf. I like riming and expresing myself in that way. I love playing music. I play the piano, flute, recorder, bowraune (It's a Irish drum.) and the digerydoo. I used to play the gitare but I hated it!
My name is Alana but loads of people call me Alana theĀ  banana or Alana banana. I like reading the Harry Potter books. I think they are absaloutly wonderfull. I allso love the Harry Poetter movies. My drama teachers best freind was in the latest one. She played the part of maddem Maxien. I do lots of after school activeties. I have piano and flute on tuesdays, hocky and netball on wednesday. I would like to go abroude when I'm older to help bears in Asia. I would set up a park for them and help them live.

by; Alana Williams
Walnut tree walk

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