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About the Poetry Library | 28-Jun-06

Hello. I'm Miriam, and I work at the Poetry Library. The Library's collection includes all the books of poetry published in this country. We have more than 90,000! Lots of these books are written specially for children.

We're normally at home in the Royal Festival Hall, which is a big arts centre next to the River Thames in London. As well as the Poetry Library, the Royal Festival Hall has concerts, talks and exhibitions, cafés and restaurants, bookshops and more... You can read about the Royal Festival Hall on this website: www.lovethefestivalhall.org.uk.

At the moment, the Royal Festival Hall is closed because it needs work done to make it even better. When we closed, our friends at CLPE gave us a room in their building so that we could keep our children's books available until the Poetry Library reopened. We thought that this was a good opportunity to work with them on their Poetry Award. Since Esther's class at Walnut Tree Walk and Adam's class at Johanna had already come to visit us in our new home at CLPE, we asked them if they'd like to work with us to explore the books that CLPE were considering for their Poetry Award this year. Then we asked Adisa if he would take them on that journey. He agreed, and you can read about what he did with the schools here.

If you work at a school and are interested in visiting the Poetry Library, you can contact me on 020 7921 0664, or email info@poetrylibrary.org.uk.


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