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CLPE poetry award

What Johanna Primary think about the project... | 04-Jul-06

Adisa has been working with our class for four weeks and we have enjoyed listening to his poems and getting help from him to write our own poems.

Our favourite poem by him was one about his Auntie Pearl.  For some of us it reminded us of our own relatives.  Some of us liked the descriptions he used to tell us what his Auntie Pearl was like.  We used some of his ideas in this poem to write poems about ourselves.

Everybody liked playing the warm up games at the beginning of each session.  We played a game called Shabooya and we all had good rhythm and it helped us to learn how to think quickly.

We've really enjoyed using a microphone and a computer to make recordings of our own poems and we enjoyed hearing our own voices when we played them back to the class. 

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