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Current Children's Magazines at the Poetry Library | 13-Aug-13

Recently we welcomed the first edition of The Caterpillar, a spanking new magazine of poems, stories and art for younger readers, into the Poetry Library collection. It comes from County Cavan in Ireland, and is the younger sibling of adult poetry magazine The Moth. Both magazines are beautifully, even lavishly, produced. The first issue of The Caterpillar contains work from Matthew Sweeney, Christina Rossetti and others.

Another fantastic children's magazine that we hold at the Poetry Library is The Scrumber. It publishes poetry for children by poets of all ages, and is the kind of magazine that will inspire any young poet to read, write and even submit their own work. Who knows what renowned poets and illustrators of the future are currently having their first taste of publication in The Scrumbler's delicious pages?

Then there's Scribbler! As if we could forget! Again, this magazine is aimed at younger readers who love reading writing and drawing and it's jam-packed with articles, stories, poems and fun ideas! You can send in your own writing and art or just settle down for a good long read of its mega-colourful pages.

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