mouse and worm ride on a rocket! children's zone

I'm a poetry explorer!

mouse and worm climb book mountain

What was the first thing the dinosaur did when he escaped from the museum?

What is a shape poem, and does it wriggle?

Acrostic - an angry twig or a type of poem?

All these questions and more will be answered by 'I'm a Poetry Explorer', a poetry trail activity at the Poetry Library. Ask any member of staff to help you get started.

What else can you do at the Poetry Library?

  • Read your favourite poems, and discover new ones
  • Tell us what you think about the books you have read
  • Listen to poets perform their poems on cassette and CD
  • Watch videos of poets
  • Write your own poems with the help of our how-to books and rhyming dictionaries
  • Find out about competitions
  • Read poetry and writing magazines specially for children

Remember, if you are puzzled about poetry, Library staff are here to help. Ask us anything!

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