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Bonfire Night 27-Dec-07

Emily Mason, who is eight years old, read 'Bonfire Night' by Irene Yates.


What is Pink? 27-Dec-07

Jake Branningon, who is 8, read 'What is Pink' by Christina Rossetti, who lived between 1830 and 1894.


What is Pink? 27-Dec-07

Alex Baines, who is 9 years old, recommends a poem by Christina Rossetti.


The Storm 27-Dec-07

Callughn Doyle, who is 8, reviewed this poem by Sara Coleridge, who lived over 150 years ago.

Everyone I See is Luckier Than Me

Everyone I See is Luckier Than Me 31-Jan-07

Winnie Ng, who is 11, reviewed this book by Clare Bevan.


Cat, You Better Come Home 12-Dec-05

Kesiena, who is 11, reviewed this book by Garrison Keillor.


Dreams 12-Feb-05

Here's a poem written by Tope of Paxton Primary School.


Matilda Who Told Lies and Was Burned to Death 06-Jan-05

Alice, who is nine, reviewed this book by Hilaire Belloc.

Alphabet of rhymes

An Alphabet of Rhymes 06-Jan-05

Saul, who is 4, reviewed this book by Richard Carlisle.

My many coloured days

My Many Coloured Days 06-Jan-05

Juliette, who is 7, reviewed this book by Dr. Seuss.

Fifty Strong

Fifty Strong 25-Nov-04

A review of the new poetry anthology for teenagers.

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