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Fifty Strong | 25-Nov-04

When I first looked at this book I thought what on earth could it be with the unusual choice of colours and the plainess of the book, but after reading it I could not put it down!
The unusual choice of colour scheme makes the book unique and keeps your mind focused on the poem itself rather than, as in other poetry books, the bright colours or pictures.
With me being 15 years old, the top range of the teenage band, I am not really a poem person and would much rather curl up and read "The Princess Diaries" or the "Girls in Love" series or even "Harry Potter" but I was extremely surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this very different variety of poems written by various poets.  It put my whole GCSE poetry anthology into perspective and suddenly the boring, empty, as if we're studying this for GCSE feeling turned into an enjoyable, exciting, "I'm sure Carol Ann Duffy can't be that bad" feeling!
I was intrigued by the choice of poems by people of my age group and I thought what a great idea it was to make a book of poetry for teenagers chosen by teenagers as not only does it involve younger people reading poetry, it helps you through your exams as the book includes background information.
"Fify Strong" will definitely be an addition to my books shelf and it is a must read for all teenagers!
Well done!....
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