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Cobbings/Grimes/Sitwell/Veer 30-Aug-11

The Cobbings, Oona Grimes, Edith Sitwell and Veer Books at the Poetry Library.

Herbert Writing poety book cover

Writing poetry by W. N. Herbert 19-Aug-11

Interesting new guide to writing poetry which includes detailed interviews between Herbert and 7 contemporary poets.

Laura Ranger book cover

PANZA/Harvey McQueen donation 12-Aug-11

Recent donation of New Zealand books from the Poetry Archive of New Zealand Aotearoa and the estate of Harvey McQueen

Vera Pavlova book cover

Vera Pavlova - If There is Something to Desire 18-Jul-11

First full-length volume in English by best-selling Russian poet Vera Pavlova


Rimbaud at the Poetry Library 26-Jun-11

John Ashbery's new translation of Rimbaud

Paula Rego

Paula Rego Nursery Rhymes 16-Jun-11

Alluring yet disturbing, full of bright colours but with the possibility of a darker interpretation - both could be a description of many of our best-loved nursery rhymes and the work of Portuguese artist Paula Rego. The Poetry Library has just acquired Paula Rego Nursery Rhymes, a beautiful hardback with a selection of the most familiar rhymes such as 'Old Mother Hubbard', 'Who Killed Cock Robin' and 'Sing a Song of Sixpence', each with a fantastically atmospheric illustration by Rego.

Franticham thumbnail

C'est mon Dada/Redfoxpress/Franticham 06-Jun-11

The C'est mon Dada series from RedFoxPress comprises visual poetry, experimental texts and work inspired by Dada and Fluxus.

Poetry appreciation

Alfred Brendel, musician and poet 23-Apr-11

Playing the Human Game (Phaidon Press) is a highly compelling collection of renowned pianist Alfred Brendel's poetry.

Newspaper (News)

Pavement Poetry 17-Mar-11

Pavement Poetry is a beautifully designed artist's book that can now be seen at The Poetry Library

erbacce logo

New from Erbacce Press 10-Mar-11

Erbacce Press has over 100 titles on the Poetry Library catalogue.

Tenpoemsabout tea

Candlestick Press - Ten Poems about Tea 17-Feb-11

Ten Poems about Tea, selected by Lorraine Mariner, and introduced by Sophie Dahl, is now available at the Poetry Library.

Grasshopper by M A Griffiths book cover

Grasshopper : the poetry of M. A. Griffiths 03-Feb-11

Posthumous print publication of work by online poet Margaret Ann Griffiths described as "one of the up-and-coming poets of our time" at the Academy of American Poets website

Business man with dollar sign

What poetry brings to business 08-Dec-10

A new guide to reading and thinking about poetry in relation to business practice

Written, Drawn and Stapled

Written, Drawn, and Stapled and A Secret Location on the Lower East Side 29-Oct-10

If you're interested in U.S. poetry of the 60s and 70s, then both of these titles are worth a look.

Infinite Difference Anthology

Marianne Morris 03-Sep-10

Most poets will tell you that they are influenced by other poets, but what they are really influenced by is their own heart, by the hearts of others, and by drink...

David McComb

Poetry by rock stars 21-Jul-10

A collection of poetry by David McComb of The Triffids.

Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Poetry for children in translation 19-Jul-10

We've just acquired two new titles that introduce us to nursery rhymes in major foreign languages.

Field of Large Desires thumbnail

Pamphlet Publishers 30-Jun-10

Two books have recently been received relating to two distinguished pamphlet publishers.

Poems found in a Pioneer Museum/thumbnail

Poems found in a Pioneer Museum 11-Jun-10

Recent works by US poet Susan Howe at the Poetry Library.

plumed horn thumbnail

El corno emplumado/The plumed Horn 21-Apr-10

The Poetry Library has acquired issues 8,9 & 11-31 of El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn. Published in Mexico City between 1962 and 1969, this beautiful looking magazine...

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