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Adam Foulds

Adam Foulds The Broken Word 07-Jan-09

Adam Foulds' first poetry collection is a verse novel about the Mau Mau uprising in 1950s Kenya, seen through the eyes of an English public schoolboy.

Apples and Snakes

SoundBlast 18-Oct-08

Performance Poets on CD

Peter Redgrove book thumbnail

Peter Redgrove A Speaker for the Silver Goddess 01-Feb-06

Following Peter Redgrove's death in 2003 Stride have published a number of posthumous volumes. This is the latest offering.

Semaphore Films

PoetryFilm DVD 17-Aug-05

Semaphore Films announce the launch of the UK's first PoetryFilm DVD anthology, 'PoetryFilm Presents PoetryFilm Vol. 1'. It features 12 experimental PoemFilms: films based on poems, 'filmifications' of poems, text-based film, and poet-filmmaker collaborations.

Jane Hirshfield thumbnail

Jane Hirshfield Each Happiness Ringed by Lions (Bloodaxe, 2005) 11-May-05

Jane Hirshfield is a visionary American writer whose poems ask nothing less than what it is to be human.

David Miller (thumbnail)

David Miller The Waters of Marah (Shearsman, 2005) 15-Mar-05

The Waters of Marah brings together the best of David Miller's non-poetic output.

Muriel Spark acquisition

Muriel Spark All the Poems (Carcanet Press, 2004) 01-Feb-05

Muriel Spark was a poet before she was a novelist: All the Poems presents the full range of the poetry of one of the most acclaimed modern British writers.

Cronin (book acquisition)

MTC Cronin MORE OR LESS THAN 1-100 (Shearsman, 2004) 10-Dec-04

The second British collection by this extraordinarily talented Australian poet, who is creating a stir in several parts of the world.

Reed (book acquisition)

Jeremy Reed Duck and Sally inside (Enitharmon Press, 2004) 23-Nov-04

In Duck and Sally Inside, Jeremy Reed continues to invent new subject matter for British poetry, celebrating as he does aspects of pop culture, underground icons, the fast energies of big city life and taking into his remit everything from Martian probes to Morrissey in LA.

Caleshu (Book Acquisition)

Anthony Caleshu The Siege of the Body and a Brief Respite (Salt Publishing, 2004) 27-Oct-04

This is contemporary poetry that extends the tradition of writers such as John Ashbery and Paul Muldoon. Its importance is in its progressive use of language and its interesting look at contemporary culture.

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