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Papa is a Poet | 09-Aug-14

"Papa thought that any book worth reading twice was worth owning. So instead of buying desserts, we bought books." 

Recently added to our children's collection is this charming story book, a biography of Robert Frost written from the point of view of his eldest daughter Lesley.  Written by Natalie S. Bober, with illustrations by Rebecca Gibbon, the story starts with the Frosts arrival back in America after their two and half year stay in England, with Lesley reminiscing about growing up on their New Hampshire farm. The book includes extracts of poems within the story, with the full-text of the poems given at the back of the book, and is a celebration of taking the road less travelled.

We also hold some other books in our children's collection about poets:

A river of words : the story of William Carlos Williams / written by Jen Bryant ; illustrated by Melissa Sweet.
Published:    Grand Rapids, MI : Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2008  
ISBN:    9780802853028  

Langston Hughes / Brigid Gallagher  
Published:    Chicago : Heinemann Library, c2013 
ISBN:    9781432964665  

Benjamin Zephaniah  / Vic Parker
Published:    Oxford : Heinemann Library, 2006  
ISBN:    0431906300 

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