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Into the Woods by Anna Robinson | 25-Feb-15

For our 2014 Poetry Library Open Day, Anna Robinson wrote about the cover design of her new book.

Into the Woods / Anna Robinson -- London : Enitharmon Press, 2014.

My publisher, Enitharmon, allows poets some say in the design process - usually the cover illustration. The photo on the cover is one of my own. I hadn't intended to offer it up, it was taken during my first ever photography workshop. It is a tree reflected in a puddle and was taken on the corner of Morley Street and Westminster Bridge Road. I wasn't 100% pleased with it. We had been told to use the camera's grid and to work to a 'rule of 3rds' - like a golden section and I hadn't for that picture. But, I felt the idea of the picture went well with that of the book and so I showed it to Enitharmon and said I would go and re-shoot it. In the end, the designer cropped it to make it work.

When I saw the PDF on my computer screen, I was thrilled. The crossing dots (tactile paving) shone like gold coins in a lake and the tarmac was very sparkly! When the actual book arrived, I was nervous, because I wanted it still to be sparkly but was a little scared of it being too shiny. I felt very relieved when I did see it as it was just right - not too shiny, but still had enough sparkle to represent how I felt about finishing the book.

Anna Robinson

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