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Byssus by Jen Hadfield | 26-Mar-15

For our 2014 Poetry Library Open Day, Jen Hadfield wrote about the cover design of her new book.

Byssus / Jen Hadfield -- London : Picador, 2014.

Being a poetry collection so explicitly about home, Byssus insisted on wearing one of Kristi Cumming's paintings. Kristi's a good friend, and neighbour, whose work pulls off the almost-impossible: to bring the outside in. True to Shetland's natural/marine-industrial palette, its expansive horizon, its loopy hill-scape and luminous sky-scape, suggestion of sea-stack, perhaps salmon cage, keyed up with fields of high pressure, 'Cloud dreaming' had almost to be crammed onto the cover: for me, it over-pours the edges just as Shetland does. Picador - bless them - also went to some lengths to sample the colour of the ubiquitous yellow Shetland welly for the inside cover, and humoured me on a number of other aesthetic points which other publishers might have told me were none of my business. Thanks, Kristi; thanks, Picador.

Jen Hadfield

Look up kristicumming.com or islandla on etsy.com

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