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PoetryFilm DVD | 17-Aug-05

Malgorzata Kitowski announces the launch of the UK's first PoetryFilm DVD anthology, 'PoetryFilm Presents PoetryFilm Vol. 1'. It features 12 experimental PoemFilms:
films based on poems, 'filmifications' of poems, text-based film, and poet-filmmaker collaborations.

The poets and filmmakers included in this anthology are pioneers and visionaries in the field of poetryfilm. This disc, featuring avant-garde films exploring the creative relationship between poetry and film, is the first of its kind in the UK.

En Marche! (Cristina Viti)
Inspired by Rimbaud's poetics and biography, this is a stark vision of the poet as he strides into the 21st century.

Hollowlegs (Mike Futcher)
Hollowlegs searches for food in the post-apocalyptic desert. Experimental
animation poemfilm

Words Are My Language (Stephen Morris)
A subversive documentary insight into the working practices of Mark Fischer.

The Man With Wheels (dir. Eugene Doyen, poet Billy Childish) Exploring the work of Kurt Schwitters, Dadaist, scrap paper collector, bicyclist.

Goblin Market (dir. Sarah Dixon, poet Christina Rossetti) Shot on Super8 in one day, this is a bold modern 'filmification' of Rossetti's poem.

Tulgey Wood (dir. Richard Swingle, poet Lewis Carroll)
An adaptation of 'Jabberwocky'.

To A Poem (dir. John Crome, poet Andrew Marvell)
Set in a men's lavatory, this is based on the metaphysical poem 'To His Coy Mistress'.

The Cummerbund (dir. Shelly Wain, poet Edward Lear) 'The Cummerbund is come!' Striking animation techniques bring Lear's poem to life.

Untitled / Within (Tamzin Forster)
Mesmerising text-based poemfilm examining language and letters.

Jonny the Pessimist (Peter Regan)
Faustian animation - does exactly what it says on the tin!

State of Mind (Mairead McClean)
Poemfilm employing music and images rather than words to express the memory of a childhood experience.

The Message (Mark Gwynne Jones, Andy Lawrence) Three generations of the same family find a letter addressed to 'The Gatekeeper'; nobody thinks it is for them.

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