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Luxury of the Dispossessed by Dan Duggan | 14-May-16

Staff Pick from our Poetry Library Open Day 2015.

Luxury of the Dispossessed / Dan Duggan
London: Influx Press, 2015

Duggan's collection concerns his experiences of incarceration on psychiatric wards under the provisions of the Mental Health act. He spent most of his thirties in care, about 9 years in all, across a range of different services: including time at the infamous Bethlem Hospital in South London. From first section to final discharge, events are related with brutal objectivity. Inevitably, much of the poetry is visceral and dark. The book does incredible work to give insight into areas that are largely marginalized and give voices to those who mostly go unheard. Duggan says that he wanted to show that there is actually a lot of compassion - eccentricity certainly - but also empathy between patients on psychiatric units. Luxury of the Dispossessed gives its readers a glimpse of what it feels like to be faced with such terrifying and bewildering circumstances. 

George Jackson
Library Assistant

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