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The Breaks by Christopher Rizzo | 28-May-16

The Breaks / Christopher Rizzo
Massachusetts : Fewer and Further Press, 2006

The size of this chapbook from Fewer and Further Press underplays the volume of the poems inside. With each work taking its title from a popular jazz song and the back cover accrediting these to the musicians the titles were lifted from (under SIDE ONE and SIDE TWO), the boundaries between poetry and music are constantly being played with. Rizzo's words dart over the pages just like jazz improvisation. Each poem feels electric, full of jazz vernacular and that excitement of not quite knowing where the words (or notes) might lead next. The writing creates a real soundscape and it's only a shame there aren't more to get lost in; once you've flicked through this book, you want to start immediately again.

Jessica Atkinson
Digital Coordinator

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