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Poetry Pop-Up Books illustrated by Claire Littlejohn. | 13-Jan-17

Staff Picks from our Poetry Library Open Day 2016.

A Poetry Pop-Up Book: Poems from A Child’s Garden of Verses / by Robert Louis Stevenson [illustrated by Claire Littlejohn] -- London: Orchard Books, 1987.

Amo los dibujos y las páginas pop-up! Jardín de versos para niños es mi libro favorito. Jardín de versos de un niño es la primera obra poética de Stevenson, escrita cuando tenía 35 años. Publicado originalmente en 1896, ha sido reeditado en numerosas ocasiones. Esta primera edición española reproduce a plana y renglón la norteamericana de 1905.

Amo las páginas pop-up! Amo las páginas pop-up! Amo las páginas pop-up! Hurra cadera de la cadera!

Federico, Rug Rhymes Puppet


I love the pictures and the pop-up pages! A Child’s Garden of Verses is my favourite book. A Child’s Garden of Verses is Robert Louis Stevenson’s first book of poetry, written when he was 35 years old. Originally published in 1896, it has been re-edited numerous times. The first Spanish edition was reproduced line for line in the US in 1905.* The collection first appeared in 1885 under the title Penny Whistles.

I love the pop-up pages! I love the pop-up pages! I love the pop- up pages! Hip hip Hurrah!

*Federico found this information on the internet.

A Poetry Pop-Up Book : The Owl and the Pussy-Cat / Edward Lear [illustrated by Claire Littlejohn] – London : Orchard Books, 1987.

Normally I keep away from cats but I love it when we do The Owl and the Pussycat at Rug Rhymes. When Federico showed me this pop-up version of the story I couldn’t believe that the pop-ups were still intact - you should see what little hands have done to some of our pop-up books - but the books are there to be read and enjoyed so we try not to get too upset.

I love the detail of this book. My favourite pop-up is the wedding – the ring resting on Owl’s wing, the marriage vows the turkey is reading from and the box of confetti on the grass. The Owl and the Pussycat really look like they’re in love! But I won’t be looking for cats on Tinder any time soon. 

The Librarians tell me this book is now something of a collector’s item and needs to go into Rare Books. They really don’t make them like they used to.

Rug Rhymes Puppet

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