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Glitch [Crater 26] by Gwen Muren | 23-May-17

Staff Pick from our Poetry Library Open Day 2016.

Glitch [Crater 26] / Gwen Muren - London; Brighton: Crater, 2014.

Daring. Surprising. Inventive. In the 26th issue of Crater, Muren’s language, draped haphazardly across the page and overprinted with fragments, sounds futuristic. Sparky and sharp, it dissects the absurdities of the modern security state and makes the society we live in at once familiar and strange, prompting new ways with language that appear tantalisingly within reach. I love how this bold experimentation is blended with hand-binding and the simple, traditional beauty of letterpress printing. It defies categorisation and levitates above any sense of British reserve or censorship.

Karen Smith

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