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Peter Redgrove A Speaker for the Silver Goddess | 01-Feb-06

Following Peter Redgrove's death in 2003 Stride have published a number of posthumous volumes. This is the latest offering.

The blurb for this book reads:

"Peter Redgrove lives on Lyrical Energy Street, with hermaphrodites and wizards, Jekyll and Hyde, the transparent man, the Dean of Witches and Mistress Shivers among his neighbours. It is a place rained on by paradise storms, where the senses reign and one may shift shape at will. In this book's mysterious pages we visit the Butterfly Museum, drink from ancient wells, listen to the Other Orchestra, discover magic mirrors, holy chambers, and explore the labyrinths of the human spirit and mind. Whether evoking sexual ecstasy, discussing a theology of sensuality around the dinner table, or giving voice to some primal hymn, Peter Redgrove is one of our finest and most original poets."

Text taken from: http://www.stridebooks.co.uk/?q=node/view/47

Peter Redgrove book cover

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