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Muriel Spark All the Poems (Carcanet Press, 2004) | 01-Feb-05

Here are villanelles, ballads and epigrams, as well as freer forms, all marked by brilliantly precise observation and command of her medium. Her poems are witty, idiosyncratic and haunting, transforming the familiar into glittering moments of strangeness, revealing the dark music beneath the mundane. The edge of danger and wry insights in Muriel Spark's poems are equally unforgettable.

"Though most of my life has been devoted to fiction, I have always thought of myself as a poet. I do not write poetic prose, but feel that my outlook on life and my perceptions of events are those of a poet, Whether in prose or verse, all creative writing is mysteriously connected with music and I always hope this factor is apparent throughout my work."

Muriel Spark

The National Library of Scotland holds the Muriel Spark archive and has just launched a dedicated website. Visit www.nls.uk/murielspark/ for more information.

Text taken from: http://www.carcanet.co.uk/

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