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Poetry for children in translation | 19-Jul-10

We've just acquired two new titles that introduce us to nursery rhymes in major foreign languages.

¡Muu, moo! is a collection of nursery rhymes from Spanish cultures including Spain, Latin American and the United States. Each one is followed by a version in English, and bright, vivid illustrations that skillfully portray the emotions of all the featured animals from a contented dog, to a glum frog, to a crafty cat.

Even non-Spanish speakers can see the playful use of repetition and rhyme that makes these nursery rhymes fun, and the versions by Rosalma Zubizarreta render this into English in a way that allows us to enoy the lively feel of the verses.

Chinese and English nursery rhymes is also a dual language book, but instead of English versions of the Chinese, the editor presents us with traditional rhymes in English,  with Chinese rhymes on a similar theme - counting rhymes, for example, or rhymes about the weather - both with transliterations and translations.

The additional material in this book includes facts about ideas brought up in the poem, as well as a short introduction to the Chinese language. This book is accompanied by a compact disc with recordings of the poems.

Details of other poetry books for children originating in a language other than English are:

Bohatta, Ida, Barli the Ice Bear (Ars, 1981)

Bohatta, Ida, Velvet Paws (Ars, 1981)

Busch, Wilhelm, Dod and Davie (Canongate, 1986)

Busch, Wilhelm, Max und Moritz Polyglott (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1994)

Chukovsky, Kornei, Telephone (North-South, 1996)

Gandotra, Agya, Panchatantra (Thomson Press, 1979)

Gasztold, Carmen Bernos de, Prayers From the Ark (Pan Macmillan, 1992)

Guggenmos, Josef, Hippety, Hoppety, Hop (Abelard/North-South, 1985)

Hagerup, Inger, Helter Skelter (Pelham, 1979)

Hailer, Irmgard, The Witch and the Mischievous Seven (J.M. Dent, 1985)

Havel, Ji?í, Animals Have Lots of Fun (Treasure, 1986)

Heine, Helme, Mudpie Farm (Ragged Bears, 1991)

Hoffman, Heinrich, The English Struwwelpeter (Belitha Press, 1997)

Issa, Cool Melons ? Turn to Frogs (Lee & Low Books, 1998)

Johnston, Terry, My Mexico-México mío (PaperStar, 1999)

Lorca, Federico García, The Cricket Sings (New Directions, 1980)

Mayakovsky, V., What is Good and What is Bad (Progress Publishers, 1971)

Medina, Jane My Name is Jorge On Both Sides of the River (Wordsong, 1999)

Morgenstern, Christian, Lullabies, Lyrics and Gallows Songs (North-South, 1995)

Off and Away!: Rhymes for the Nursery (J.M.Dent, 1979)

Rosenstock, Gabriel, The Rhino?s Specs (Mercier, 2002)

Sommer-Bodenburg, But Still I Love Her Just the Same (Burke, 1983)

Tagore, Rabindranath, This World Is Beautiful (Tagore Centre UK, 1988)

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