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David Miller The Waters of Marah (Shearsman, 2005) | 15-Mar-05

The prose here however does include work that would be classified as prose-poetry in most quarters, as well as the longer work Tesserae which could be better described as experimental fiction. These pieces tend also to have verse interludes, which further confuses the definition of what category they actually belong to. In the end however, categories are irrelevant, and the work can be read on its own terms, be it prose, be it prose-poetry, be it fiction, be it poetry. This is musical work that explores the parameters of the sayable in a manner that does not repel the reader but rather draws him/her in as a participant in a remarkable enterprise.

Published in the UK by permission of Singing Horse Press, Philadelphia, publishers of the original US edition (2003). The cover shows an image by Jay DeFeo, reproduced with permission.

UK trade orders via Bertrams Books or Gardners Books.
Not for sale in North America.

Text taken from www.shearsman.com

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