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What poetry brings to business | 08-Dec-10

What poetry brings to business /  Clare Morgan ; with Kirsten Lange & Ted Buswick. -- Ann Arbor, Michigan : University of Michigan Press, 2010.

The words poetry and business are not often used in conjunction with each other but in this new book published in the US, Clare Morgan and her co-authors argue that poetry can bring flexibility of thinking as well as an ability to empathise and better understand the thoughts and feelings of colleagues and clients.

With full-text poems throughout, including work by W. H. Auden, Connie Bensley, John Burnside and Robert Frost, the book encourages close reading of poems to provide business people with new strategies for reflection on their companies, their daily tasks and their work environments.  A recent study has stated that the number one leadership quality essential to today's CEO is creativity, so perhaps in these straightened times now is the time for poets and poetry to take a seat in the boardroom.

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