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C'est mon Dada/Redfoxpress/Franticham | 06-Jun-11

The C'est mon Dada series from Redfoxpress comprises visual poetry, experimental texts and work inspired by Dada and Fluxus. The Poetry Library's collection of these neat little books is growing and includes work by George Brecht, Les Coleman, Luc Fierens and Richard Kostelanetz. Recent acquisitions are by Anna Boschi, Ginny Lloyd, Cornelis Vleeskens and Giovanni Fontana.

The brains behind the Redfoxpress outfit are artists, Antic-Ham and Francis Van Maele. They produce work together under the pen-name, Franticham. The library also holds an interesting piece of Franticham ephemera entitled 'Eat Art Eat Fluxus' that's worth a look. It's held in our Rare Items Room so please contact the library in advance if you wish to view. The Franticham blog is at http://franticham.blogspot.com/

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