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Writing poetry by W. N. Herbert | 19-Aug-11

Writing poetry / HERBERT, W. N. -- London : Routledge, 2010.

Recently received in the Poetry Library is W. N. Herbert's Writing poetry which presents new versions of key chapters from the Routledge/Open University textbook Creative writing : a workbook with readings.  Using his experience and expertise as a teacher as well as a poet, this guide takes the reader through seven different aspects of writing poetry using extensive examples of full-text poems by a variety of poets along with suggestions of writing exercises to attempt.

What makes this book different to many other writing guides are the dialogues at the end of each chapter where Herbert discusses the assertions made and issues raised with a prominent poet so that the reader, according to Herbert, "can examine their veracity, and gain some insight into how seven contemporary poets actually work".  The chapter on "Drafting" includes an interview with Vicki Feaver, the chapter on "Line" includes an interview with Gillian Allnutt, "Voice" includes an interview with Kathleen Jamie, "Imagery" includes an interview with Linda France, "Rhyme" includes an interview with Douglas Dunn, "Form" includes an interview with Sean O'Brien, and "Theme" includes an interview with Jo Shapcott.

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