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Novels in Poetry Library | 23-Jun-12

The Poetry Library collection has been growing since 1953 so it's unsurprising that, over the years, several novels - or at least novel-like entities - have crept onto the shelves.

Recently we've added Eileen Myles' Inferno, which she describes as 'a poet's novel' (check out her new collection Snowflake too) and two titles by Mahmoud Darwish,  Absent presence  and In the presence of absence - both of which he describes as 'not quite verse and not quite prose'. Also in the neither/nor camp is Richard Makin's hefty 672 page  Dwelling, just out from Reality Street.

Meanwhile, it's not that strange to find either Joyce's Finnegans Wake or Nabakov's Pale Fire on the catalogue, whereas William Burrough's Last words of Dutch Schultz (subtitled 'a fiction in the form of a film script') is perhaps more of a surprise.

There are plenty more novel surprises on those shelves: we haven't even considered novels-in-verse here. And, while we're on the subject, what exactly is a prose poem anyway?

The last words of Dutch Schultz / BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. -- New York: The Viking Press : Viking, 1975. (Book) Adult collection

Absent presence / DARWISH, MAHMOUD. -- London : Hesperus Press, 2010. (Book) Adult collection

In the presence of absence / DARWISH, MAHMOUD. -- New York : Archipelago Books, 2011. (Book) Adult collection

Inferno : (a poet's novel) / MYLES, EILEEN. -- New York : OR Books, 2010. (Book) Adult collection

Snowflake : new poems / MYLES, EILEEN. -- Seattle ; New York : Wave Books, 2012. (Book) Adult collection

Dwelling / MAKIN, RICHARD. -- Hastings, East Sussex : Reality Street, 2011. (Book) Adult collection

Pale fire: a novel / NABOKOV, VLADIMIR. -- New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1962. (Book) Adult collection

Finnegans wake / JOYCE, JAMES. [New ed.]. -- London : Faber and Faber, 1975. (Book) Adult collection


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